The  More Productive  Now!™ program is for busy people who want to be more organized and productive in their daily lives.

The program teaches a set of simple techniques and tools, and also enhances your use of technology, most notably Microsoft Outlook, to help you rapidly get control of your day and your commitments.

The objectives of the More Productive  Now!™ program are:

* To stay on top of your to-do’s and your workload
* To have your commitments managed in such a way that you can devote all of your attention to each task at hand as you are doing it
* To stop feeling buried and behind in your projects and tasks at hand
* To live and work at a high level of efficiency and effectiveness
* To experience a feeling of calm and relaxation, rather than stress, surrounding your task and project management

The program is available though individual one-on-one coaching and also via seminars.  Please contact us for more information.